Dutch Water Defense Lines

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Duration 5 Hours

Spanning 200 kilometers, the Dutch Water Defense Lines are comprised of nearly 100 sturdy forts, two castles, and numerous sophisticated waterworks and mills, each telling a story of historical ingenuity. Designed to flood large tracts of land, a technique known as inundation, the area became too deep for men and horses yet too shallow for boats. This ingenious system was intended to keep enemies at bay using water as an ally.

The construction of this defense line took almost 125 years and was once considered the most successful defensive line in the Netherlands. Today, the Dutch Water Defense Lines stand as a beautiful and unique cultural heritage site featuring fortified towns, water mills, bridges, locks, and flood defenses.

Experience the Line:

Embark on a four-hour tour and discover some highlights of this historic defense line:

Muiderslot (Muiden)
Torenfort Ossenmarkt (Weesp)
Fort Uitermeer (Weesp)
Vesting Naarden (Naarden)
Fort Ronduit (Naarden)
Fort Werk IV (Bussum)


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